This tip will discuss about Set Runtime and JVM Arguments... Per Class!


First, It now works for NetBeans IDE 5.0 (except, currently it only works if you're using a post 5.0 development build that you can get from the Download page on Once you've installed Iván's module (go to my Update Center, and you'll find a module called "Execution Profile"), all your main classes will have a new node:

You can then, for each main class, specify execution (i.e., runtime) arguments, JVM arguments, and the Java platform against which the file executes:

Not bad, right? Especially considering that this missing functionality is a stumbling block for many people—I've seen this come up over and over again on mailing lists. (By the way, there's also a NetBeans IDE 4.1 version of this module, but I haven't been able to work out how to create an autoupdate descriptor for it, so I couldn't put it in my Update Center. If you want it, please leave a message here. And, remember, the version in my Update Center will not work if you're using Beta 1, Beta 2, RC1 or RC2. You must get/have a post 5.0 development build from the Update Center.)

Finally, the module also contains a set of help files, so if you're stuck, lost, and confused, go here:

And, here's the exact spot where you'll find Iván's module:

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