This tip will help you to access the Tomcat Users file from Netbeans IDE.


Whenever I access the Tomcat Manager for the first time in a session, this little dialog box appears:

For details on this from Tomcat's site, click here.

What then happens is that I've got to dig into the IDE's user directory to find a file called tomcat-users.xml, which includes a user called "ide" (which is assigned the role of "manager") together with an IDE-generated password. The digging is a bit frustrating, so I'm using this Ant script instead:

 <target name="ShowTomcatUsers">

  <property name="file" 

  <exec executable="c:\Program Files\Vim\vim63\gvim.exe">
     <arg value="${file}"/>


I've just added it to the build.xml file; together with a shortcut so that whenever I need it I can just click a button or a menu item in the IDE to display the file:

Just one of the many benefits of Ant integration in the IDE...