From time to time it is useful to customize the toolbar for some purpose which will be helpful in improving the productivity. Please read this tip to know how to do that in Netbeans 5.x.


You see all the toolbar buttons in a dialog box called 'Customize Toolbars'. On the face of it, there's nothing you can do with these buttons—right-click any of these buttons and nothing happens. No contextual menu. But, try this: click New Toolbar and then type a name for your toolbar in the New Toolbar dialog box:

Again, on the face of it, your life hasn't improved very much. No changes anywhere, apparently. But this is where it all comes together—drag a button from the Customize Toolbars dialog box into an empty part of the toolbar above it (i.e., to the right of the Memory toolbar). Here, for example, you see the Update Center button selected in the dialog box and above it you see it again in the toolbar:

How did it get there? I dragged and dropped it there. (I could also drag and drop toolbar buttons from this dialog box into any existing toolbar, were I to want to do so.) And now, when I go back to the menu where I started in this blog entry, I see I have a new toolbar.

However, it seems that the only place where I can delete my new toolbar is in the place where toolbars were always handled before, in the Options window (in the Classic view). Still, it's pretty cool to be able to create a toolbar by drag and dropping in this way. And it seems to me to be a somewhat hidden feature.

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