Most NetBeans users probably know how to change font size in editor. You can do it through Tools | Options | Editing | Editor Settings | Java Editor | Font Size. But:

  • Did you know you can change the font size in all types of editors using multiselection?
  • Did you know you can also change the font size of all menus, dialogs and other components?

If you know this, congratulations, you are a true mighty user. If not, take a look at the screenshot:

As shown on the screenshot, you can select more editors by holding the shift key and clicking on them. This way you can change all of the font sizes in various editors.

How to change the general IDE font size? There is a startup option for this: --fontsize (default size is 11). You can put it into the command line when launching IDE. You can also put it into the netbeans.conf file, which is in the /etc subdirectory of NetBeans installation. Just place it as a last parameter into the netbeans_default_options parameter.

Source: Roumen's Weblog