A bounding region, whether a Bounds or a BoundingLeaf object, specifies the region of influence of a light object. A specified scope can further limit the influence of a light to a portion of the scene graph. By default, all lights have the scope of the virtual world in which it resides. Adding a scope specification further reduces the influence of a light to the visual objects in the scene graph below the group(s) specified.

 BranchGroup createScene(){

    // Create a Group node that should be lit
    TransformGroup lightTG = new TransformGroup();
    // Create a light object
    PointLight lampLight = new PointLight();
    lampLight.setPosition(0.1f, 0.5f, -0.1f);
    lampLight.setColor(new Color3f(1.0f,0.0f,0.0f));
    lampLight.setInfluencingBounds(new BoundingSphere());
    // Limit the scope of the light
    // Add the light to the group node