The PointLight is the conceptual opposite of a DirectionalLight. It is an omni-directional light source whose intensity attenuates with distance and has location. (A DirectionalLight source has no location, just a direction.) PointLight objects approximate bare light bulbs, candles, or other light sources without reflectors or lenses.

 public class PointLightExample extends JFrame{

        //Define the PointLight object
    private PointLight light=new PointLight();
    BranchGroup createScene() {
        BranchGroup scene=new BranchGroup();
        scene.addChild(new Sphere(0.4f));
        // Config the light
        light.setColor(new Color3f(Color.RED));
        light.setInfluencingBounds(new BoundingSphere());
        // Add the light
        return scene;