This is a primitive task to execute a unit test in the org.apache.testlet framework.

This task is deprecated as the Testlet framework has been abandoned in favor of JUnit by the Avalon community.

Note: This task depends on external libraries not included in the Ant distribution. See Library Dependencies for more information.


Attribute Description Required
showSuccess a boolean value indicating whether tests should display a message on success No
showBanner a boolean value indicating whether a banner should be displayed when starting testlet engine No
forceShowTrace a boolean indicating that a stack trace is displayed on any failure No
showTrace a boolean indicating that a stack trace is displayed on error (but not normal failure) No

The user can also specify the nested <classpath> element which defines classpath in which the task is executed. The user also specifies a subelement per testlet executed which has content that specifies tasklet classname.


<test showSuccess="false" showBanner="false" showTrace="true" 
   <classpath refid="test.classpath"/>


The above will run the testlets org.foo.MyTestlet and org.foo.MyOtherTestlet

Source: Apache Ant