since Ant 1.6

Runs a command on a remote machine running SSH daemon.

Note: This task depends on external libraries not included in the Ant distribution. See Library Dependencies for more information. This task has been tested with jsch-0.1.7 to jsch-0.1.9 and won't work with versions of jsch earlier than 0.1.7.


Attribute Description Required
host The hostname or IP address of the remote host to which you wish to connect. Yes
username The username on the remote host to which you are connecting. Yes
command The command to run on the remote host. Yes
port The port to connect to on the remote host. No, defaults to 22.
trust This trusts all unknown hosts if set to yes/true.
Note If you set this to false (the default), the host you connect to must be listed in your knownhosts file, this also implies that the file exists.
No, defaults to No.
knownhosts This sets the known hosts file to use to validate the identity of the remote host. This must be a SSH2 format file. SSH1 format is not supported. No, defaults to ${user.home}/.ssh/known_hosts.
failonerror Whether to halt the build if the command does not complete successfully. No; defaults to true.
password The password. Not if you are using key based authentication or the password has been given in the file or todir attribute.
keyfile Location of the file holding the private key. Yes, if you are using key based authentication.
passphrase Passphrase for your private key. No, defaults to an empty string.
output Name of a file to which to write the output. No
append Whether output file should be appended to or overwritten. Defaults to false, meaning overwrite any existing file. No
outputproperty The name of a property in which the output of the command should be stored. No
timeout Stop the command if it doesn't finish within the specified time (given in milliseconds). Defaults to 0 which means "wait forever". No


Run a command on a remote machine using password authentication

  <sshexec host="somehost"

	command="touch somefile"/>

Run a command on a remote machine using key authentication

  <sshexec host="somehost"

	passphrase="yo its a secret"
	command="touch somefile"/>

Run a command on a remote machine using key authentication with no passphrase

  <sshexec host="somehost"

	command="touch somefile"/>

Security Note: Hard coding passwords and/or usernames in sshexec task can be a serious security hole. Consider using variable substitution and include the password on the command line. For example:

  <sshexec host="somehost"

	command="touch somefile"/>

Invoke ant with the following command line:

    ant -Dusername=me -Dpassword=mypassword target1 target2

Source: Apache Ant