Load a file's contents as Ant properties. This is equivalent to <property file|resource="..."/> except that it supports nested <filterchain> elements.

If you want to simulate property's prefix attribute, please use prefixlines filter.


Attribute Description Required
srcFile source file One of these
resource the resource name of the property file
encoding encoding to use when loading the file No
classpath the classpath to use when looking up a resource. No
classpathref the classpath to use when looking up a resource, given as reference to a <path> defined elsewhere.. No

The LoadProperties task supports nested FilterChains, as well as a nested <classpath> element for use with the resourceattribute.


    <loadproperties srcFile="file.properties"/>

Load contents of file.properties as Ant properties.

    <loadproperties srcFile="file.properties">
          <contains value="import."/>


Read the lines that contain the string "import." 
from the file "file.properties" and load them as Ant properties.

Source: Apache Ant