Expands a file packed using GZip or BZip2.

If dest is a directory the name of the destination file is the same as src (with the ".gz" or ".bz2" extension removed if present). If dest is omitted, the parent dir of src is taken. The file is only expanded if the source file is newer than the destination file, or when the destination file does not exist.


Attribute Description Required
src the file to expand. Yes
dest the destination file or directory. No


<gunzip src="/test.tar.gz"/>

expands test.tar.gz to test.tar

<bunzip2 src="/test.tar.bz2"/>

expands test.tar.bz2 to test.tar

<gunzip src="/test.tar.gz" dest="test2.tar"/>

expands test.tar.gz to test2.tar

<gunzip src="/test.tar.gz" dest="subdir"/>

expands test.tar.gz to subdir/test.tar (assuming subdir is a directory).

Source: Apache Ant