Yes, there is a demo at

There are some provisos though:

  • You need a web browser that supports Java 2 (JDK 1.2.2 or higher). To find out what version your browser supports, try the following web page:

    Virtually all browsers support Java 2 EXCEPT for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE). You can install Sun's Java Plugin to get MSIE to work properly or, better still, download and install Mozilla.

  • JFreeChart doesn't incorporate any special applet features. For example, you can't pass data to the chart applet via HTML as you can in some charting packages.
  • We haven't made any special effort to minimise the size of the JFreeChart jar files. It is something that could be done, but really the demand for it is low, so it hasn't been done yet.

Source: JFreeChart FAQ