The following list contains the available border styles (with their brief descriptions) in Swing.

BevelBorder Gives the component a beveled edge that makes it appear raised or lowered.
CompoundBorder Combines two other Border types to create a compound border.
EmptyBorder A border with no appearance. This is a useful way to place an empty margin around a component.
EtchedBorder Draws a line around the component, using a 3D effect that makes the line appear etched into or raised out of the surrounding container.
LineBorder Draws a line, with a color and thickness you specify, around the component.
MatteBorder Draws the border using a solid color or a tiled image. You specify the border dimensions for all four sides.
SoftBevelBorder Like BevelBorder, but with somewhat more complex graphics that give the bevel a softer edge.
TitledBorder A border that combines text with an EtchedBorder or any other border you specify.