A method of sending a datagram in a network mobile gaming application, and populating it with data before sending it. Further, a method of manipulating the data buffer or the destination address of the datagram.

 DatagramConnection sender =

Datagram dgram = sender.newDatagram(64);
sender.send(dgram); // Send to port 32767 on target

dgram = sender.newDatagram(64, "datagram://anotherHost:12345");
sender.send(dgram); // Send to port 12345 on anotherHost

byte[] buffer = dgram.getData( );
String message = "Hello, world\n";
byte[] dataBytes = message.getBytes( );
System.arraycopy(dataBytes, 0, buffer, 0, dataBytes.
sender.send(dgram); // Send "Hello, world\n"




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