SMS Delievery Network

In order to reliably deliver SMS messages, Short Message Service Centres(SMSCs) are used to convey messages between mobile users, and between mobile users and user applications. User application need to have connectivity with SMSCs to deliever SMS in real time network. In order to develop application in development environment SMPP Simulators are used.

Connectivity and Communication

An open standard SMPP protocol is used to talk to SMSC.
Many SMSC vendors provide their own APIS to connect to their SMSCs.

Developing SMS application
  1. Install Java Runtime Environment(Jsdk 1.3 or higher)
  2. Place SMPP SDK's lib file in %Class_Path% of your machine.
  3. Start SMPPSimulator.
  4. Compile and Run simple sms application on your computer.
  1. SMPP apis and specification
  2. SMPP simulator

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