Image class holds graphical data on mobile.There are 2 types of images. Immutable image are loaded from pre-defined resource such as file and cannot be modified once created. Mutable images are blank images with white pixels and they are rendered by getGraphics() method.

The method below displays an immutable image.

   // Read the appropriate image
   Image im = Image.createImage("/image.png");
catch ( e)
   System.err.println("Unable to locate or read .png file");



The method below displays a mutable image.

   String str = "Hello World";
   Image tmp = Image.createImage(80, 20);
   Graphics g = tmp.getGraphics();

   // Specify a font face, style and size
   Font font = Font.getFont(Font.FACE_SYSTEM, Font.STYLE_ITALIC, 


   // Center the text in the image
   g.drawString(str,(tmp.getWidth() / 2) - (font.stringWidth(str) / 2), 0,
  Graphics.TOP | Graphics.LEFT);

   // Draw a rectangle around the image
   g.drawRect(0,0, tmp.getWidth()-1, tmp.getHeight()-1); 
   Image im = Image.createImage(tmp);
catch(IOException e) {}



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