The ICEbrowser SDK is a Java SDK that delivers the most functional Java browser technology available for the development of customized applications. The ICEbrowser SDK offers a set of customizable and extendable browser APIs for developers of enterprise systems that require access to Web based applications. The ICEbrowser SDK supports the latest Internet standards and protocols, empowering you to build highly customized client solutions.

At a static code-base size of 1.0M - 1.5M (depending on configuration), you can create standalone or embeded Java clients within your enterprise applications. Your Java browser based applications will offer robust HTML/XML page rendering and will deliver a rich user experience by supporting JavaScript, applets, and other types of Web content.

You can extend the ICEbrowser API for even more customized solutions. This Java SDK provides a wealth of examples and complete documentation that will help you efficiently create Java browser based applications.

ICEbrowser SDK Advantages

  • Render dynamic HTML/XML and advanced Web content
  • Extensible pilot architecture for JavaScript, applets, PDF, XSLT, JMF and SVG
  • Optional SSL support
  • Proprietary HTTP implementation
  • Customizable user interface with fully functional sample GUIs
  • Accessibility support
  • Small footprint (1.0 - 1.5M) and efficient memory usage
  • Available in binary or source code

Optional ICEbrowser SDK Modules

  • SSL Module
  • Flash Pilot Module
  • NTLM Module
  • Accessibility Module

ICEbrowser BEAN: can be used to display Web content within a Java application. It conforms to the JavaBeans standard, allowing you to develop enterprise applications using a familiar component architecture model. By using JavaBeans, you reduce both risk and development effort, saving your business time and money.

ICEbrowser Bean leverages the best-in-class rendering technology that is available in the ICEbrowser SDK but only exposes a limited set of APIs. ICEbrowser Bean can display HTML, CSS, text, images goes and is also capable of rendering advanced web content including JavaScript, applets, and optionally PDF.

ICEbrowser BEAN Advantages

  • Render dynamic HTML/XML and advanced Web content
  • Supports JavaScript, applets, PDF, XSLT, and JMF
  • Supports leading Java IDEs to facilitate application development
  • Networking protocols are handled by the JDK
  • Supports JavaHelp 2.0
  • Customizable user interface with fully functional sample GUIs
  • Small footprint (650Kb) and efficient memory usage

Licence: Proprietary