JRex is a Java Browser Component with set of API's for Embedding Mozilla GECKO within a Java Application.


  • Embedded Java Browser based on Mozilla GECKO.
  • Event capturing like InputEvents (Mouse & keyboard), History, ContextMenu, ContentUrlListener, Observer, Progress, ToolTip.
  • Compatible with AWT and Swing.
  • Build in support for window and event management.
  • Easy to use, developer need not know much of Mozilla details. The effective line of code for simple use is not more than 3 lines.
  • Easy to use and easily extendable API's.
  • Compatible with windows and *nix (Having GTK support).
  • Compatible with Mozilla Gecko 1.4 and above. Has been tested with Mozilla Gecko 1.4 and 1.6 and 1.7.7
  • Supports Tabbed and Java Internal Pane browser windows.
  • Support for Profile & preferences.
  • Support for Persist, Find & BroswerSetup (to enable/disable plug-in, image etc.) preferences.
  • Support for accessing DOM objects of rendered page.
  • JRex also implements DOM HTML2 for manipulating loaded HTML Document.
  • In built support for Java WebStart deployment.
  • In built support for LiveConnect which helps in communication between javascript and Java.
  • Can be used for communication between XUL and JVM in which JRex is running.

URL: https://jdic.dev.java.net/documentation/Specification.html
Licence: Mozilla Public License