A majority of applications today are built with the Java™ and HTML technologies. This usually takes the form of a Java applet or JSP/servlet serving content to a native web browser such as Internet Explorer. However, there has not been a readily available client-side component that can take advantage of both of these popular technologies. HTML has become not only a web document language, but a way to quickly build modern, customizable user interface components in heterogeneous environments. What has been missing is a Java platform technology to allow developers to truly build platform independent client-side applications. With the merging of HTML and Java it is possible to build this platform technology. Consider the possibilities if a industry strength Java™ browser is developed, you can build your applications both for the web-based UIs and the thick client UIs both with HTML. Thereby saving valuable development time. By building common functionality in the web based UI into your thick client UI you achieve valuable code reusability. The only set back in achieving this reusability has been the lack of an advanced Java web browser. The WebWindow attempts to fill this void in the Java platform.

Deploys on mulitple platforms!

WebWindow is a scalable Java™ web browsing component. With the WebWindow you can take advantage of Java's "write once, run anywhere" design and run your application on multiple operating systems and device platforms with a wide range of resource limitations. With a small core footprint, WebWindow can be used on devices ranging from PDAs, settop boxes, enterprise servers, and native web browsers all with little or no code changes to the core browser technology. Most developers are not satisfied with the Swing JEditorPane, the HTML rendering component supplied with Java, because of its poor rendering quality, poor support for CSS, memory consumption, and lack of Javascript support. The WebWindow has been developed to be a cheap alternative to the JEditorPane and the very expensive highly priced Java HTML rendering engines on the market today. WebWindow's support for rendering sophisticated HTML pages puts it in the same class of engines as you can license for $30,000. But the WebWindow can be licensed for a fraction of the cost of other Java rendering components. Source code is also available for developers interested in extending the WebWindow functionality. WebWindow can handle complicated table layouts and floating objects that the Swing JEditorPane cannot render. With the newly added functionality for Javascript, developers can now use the WebWindow for even more advanced application development.

By supporting the latest browser technologies, the WebWindow can web enable your product with as little as 4 lines of Java source code. Due to the ease of using the WebWindow, a company can save valuable development time by concentrating on the development of the application business logic and rely on the WebWindow for the presentation layer of the product.

Great for low memory devices!

The WebWindow has been designed for extensibility to handle any type of SGML that needs to be rendered. Thus, it can easily be extended to handle custom XML formats for any application. The design of the WebWindow allows easy extensibility for developers who would like to customize the layout of their HTML pages.

Advantages of the WebWindow

  • WebWindow is the most competitively priced Java™ browser component available in its class
  • Technical support gives you direct interaction with the lead developers of the WebWindow
  • Written entirely in the Java™ programming language
  • Small code base
  • Small footprint
  • Swing compatible
  • Excellent for handhelds, settop boxes, and desktops
  • A robust and self correcting HTML parser for HTML that does not conform to the HTML specifications
  • Excellent and fast rendering engine
  • Modular design and easily extensible
  • Keyboard support built-in
  • Smooth and fast scrolling
  • Support for frames
  • Text selection and highlighting
  • Supports HTML, CSS, and Javascript standards

URL: http://www.javio.com/webwindow/webwindow.html
Licence: Proprietary