JavaGen Ant Modules or JAM* is a modular Ant toolkit for building J2EE applications. It consists of a collection of Ant scripts designed to perform common Java/J2EE build tasks such as compilation, packaging, testing, deployment and J2EE application server control. Although originally developed to support the JavaGen code generator, JAM has evolved into a full feature, stand-alone build framework. Highlights include:

  • JAM leverages the new import and target override features of Ant 1.6 to create a reusable build framework.
  • JAM defines a small set of standard target names.
  • JAM includes a Maven-to-Ant bridge providing access to Maven's POM and repository features directly from Ant.
  • JAM supports various J2EE application servers as interchangeable modules.
  • JAM supports code generation technologies such as XDoclet and UML-based JavaGen.
  • JAM has extensive support for various unit test technologies including JUnit and Cactus.
  • JAM modules support CVS, Axis, Castor, JMX, Hibernate and many other technologies.

By assembling JAM modules, you can quickly create sophisticated IDE-independent build scripts.

Licence: Apache License