CPMake is a make utility written in Java to make anything (C, C++, Java, C#, XSL ...) CPMake works similar to GNU make in that is uses rules and dependencies to build a project. CPMake uses Java scripting languages (BeanShell, Rhino, Jython and Groovy) for the build files to give increased flexability and the ability to customize the make file to your project.

CPMake Benefits:

  • Make files work on any platform that supports Java.
  • CPMake has built in dependency tracking for C/C++ and Java projects.
  • Build files have access to all of the Java classes.
  • Easy to debug build files.
  • Multi threaded processing of build file.
  • Cross platform paths. Use '\' or '/' Java doesn't care.

URL: http://www.cpmake.org/
Licence: GPL