Krysalis Centipede is a project build system based on Apache Ant.

It's made to be easy, extensible and powerful.


You can just grab it and start building your project. Anything that is needed for a start is there, and the creation of personalized build targets is straightforward, because it's based on plain Ant. Centipede is un-intrusive, and gives you power without taking any. It also has an interactive target facility, so that the user can just run "build" and choose from a menu.


You just need to add a property to use additional pre-built targets. These packages are called antlibs, and behave like wars and seamlessly add functionality to the build.

Let's say you need to make documentation. Just add (an available documentation system based on Cocoon) to the properties file, write the docs, call the forrest in your main build file where you want documentation to be build and all the rest (comprising the download and installation) is completely automagic.

Since Centipede is used by many projects, it benefits from the enhancements done in each of them, thus and evolving on user requests-issues. This is pure Apache style cross project pollination.


It gives developers the power to add functionality where needed without creating complexity.

Developers seldom want to think much about the project build system, but have very clear ideas of what they want from it. Centipede gives them pre-built antlibs to be used like big component blocks, thus giving choice and power to where it really belongs.

Licence: Apache License