EJOSA (Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture) is a project supporting the effective development of J2EE-based web application. The project should be a "starter kit" and "best practices kit" which can be used as a good starting point. It should offer a solution how to overcome the complexity of J2EE application development by using Open Source products Enhydra (http://www.enhydra.org) and JOnAS (http://www.objectweb.org). So EJOSA can also mean Enhydra and JOnAS Application, because we use Enhydra and JOnAS as our main components. The target audience of our project are developers with basic knowledge of J2EE, Enhydra and JOnAS developers or developers interesting in component-based software engineering.

EJOSA Template combines Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Sourcecode Centric Development (SCD) model. It allows you to integrate both models in one environment to get the best of both worlds. It is very important to integrate the modelling part of the components directly into the developer's compile, run and test cycle.

The EJOSA project uses a template model for developing a multi-tier architecture. EJOSA template provide a collection of Open Source components which are bundled together and already pre-configured, so there is no need to write all the components once more. It also defines an easy to understand structure to be followed by the development of J2EE applications. EJOSA does not use IDE, wizards or assistants. This means the users need to understand the whole process before they can develop their own J2EE application. EJOSA can be used to make a prototype fast and easily without having to throw the prototype result for continuing the project. So we keep EJOSA Template simple.

URL: http://ejosa.sourceforge.net
Licence: LGPL