OpenXava is a framework to develop easily business applications with XML and Java.

Its virtue resides in the fact that the heart of our applications is XML instead of Java.


  • Has been used during years to develop real applications.
  • It's focused to make easy to use and to obtain a very high productivity.
  • Learn curve very short.
  • Flexible: It's possible to insert our own functionality in every place.
  • Based in the concept of business component.
  • Totally MVC.
  • Web user interface with rich features like sophisticated business applications.
  • Adapted to work with legacy database schemas.
  • Generate a full J2EE application (including EJB).
  • Based in standars as XML, J2EE, EJB, JSP, etc.
  • Its Open Source (LGPL) and based in other Open Source tools like Ant, JUnit, JasperReports, TL, XDocLet, Hibernate, etc.
  • The developer can use English or Spanish.
  • All labels and messages are in English, Spanish and Catalan; by now...

Licence: LGPL