JAT is a flexible Java base-framework which can be easily extended to improve projects start-up time

JAT allows to build Web applications (J2EE) or standalone application (server, batch, etc.)

JAT supplies the main basic functionalities of any Java application, such as:

  • High Business Object abstraction
  • Integration facilities (provided for DBMS, LDAP and open to any software product)
  • Authentication and user privileges management
  • MVC pattern implementation (with privileges management and page flow control)
  • HTML layout structure management (header, footer, menu, etc.)
  • HTML dynamic contents and facilities (form, report, paging)
  • Logging feautures
  • Help on-line utility
  • High configuration of all functionalities described
  • Administration and configuration GUI

JAT permits to easy integrate any product or package which provide Java API

JAT Web Application can be deplyed in any J2EE application server (suc as Tomcat, JBoss, Bea Weblogic, etc.)

JAT is modular and fexible and it is opened to being used together with any J2EE extension or Java API

JAT is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, v2.1 or later

URL: http://www.myjavaserver.com/~jatopensource/home.jsp
Licence: LGPL