The design goal of JSPWidget is to make JSP development as intuitive as in traditional client forms or in client-based Web applications.

It solves your JSP long-lasting pain - code/UI mixed spaghetti code. With JSPWidget GUI Widgets , you can write event handler to handle the event fired by the GUI widget . Access and manipulate GUI widget completely in code without mix them together and the view state of GUI widgets are automatically retained.

In addition to GUI widgets, JSPWidget contains a set of Validation Widgets for you to validate input field declarely without even writing a signle line of code.

For the sake of completeness, JSPWidget also contains a set of Util Widgets and SQL Widgets to assist you in web developing. You are free to using any other tag library that has similar functionalities. You can mix your other favarite tag library with JSPWidget.

Licence: Apache License