SOFIA is the Salmon Open Framework for Internet Applications. It is open source code that you can download for free and put to work today.

Conceptually, SOFIA is similar to other J2EE MVC open source frameworks, like Apache Struts. But SOFIA sets a new standard for Java development by delivering so much more in a framework matching best-of-breed tools integration with robust JSP class and tag libraries. SOFIA shortens application development time on the strength of its visual development capabilities and pre-built Java components that dramatically simplify coding.

With SOFIA, developers can rapidly build applications using JSP/Servlet technology. SOFIA accomplishes this by integrating best-of-breed development tools—design tools like Dreamweaver and integrated development environments like IntelliJ and Eclipse. SOFIA's unrivaled GUI development significantly improves a developer's experience. Using Dreamweaver within SOFIA, for example, visual portions of an application can be painted instead of hand-coded.

The JSP class and tag libraries offer more than 40 visual components (Button, Navigation Bar, DataTable) and 20 non-visual ones (DataStore, Internationalization, Task Scheduler). These pre-built components enhance Java and HTML development by separating HTML design from Java development. We believe strongly in separating HTML from Java in application design to ensure that applications can be debugged more easily. This separation also allows for specialization of development tasks by allowing HTML designers to design and Java developers to develop.

SOFIA is completely based on J2EE open-standards, allowing applications to be highly portable between different vendors' application servers. By utilizing the SOFIA DataStore, applications can also be highly portable between databases.

The bottom line is SOFIA improves programmers' productivity and generates real cost and time savings. In tests, SOFIA has proven five times more efficient than other frameworks. But don't take our word for it: Read the SOFIA review in Java Developer's Journal. Or download the free, open source code today and discover why the other frameworks just don't measure up.

Licence: GPL