Translate AS1 is a compiler for Macromedia's ActionScript language. Scripts are compiled to generate the binary encoded actions and byte-codes that are executed by the Flash Player when a frame is displayed; a button is clicked or when a movie clip responds to a mouse or keyboard event. The code can be added to the objects in the Transform SWF framework or integrated with a third-party Flash library.

Translate AS1 greatly reduces the level of effort required to implement complex behaviours when implementing Flash files. Rather than generating individual action objects programmatically high-level ActionScript can be used - boosting productivity and reducing errors.


  • Supports ActionScript 1.x.
  • Create scripts for keyboard or mouse events to control movies and movie clips.
  • Program on-screen buttons to implement complex application behaviour.
  • Generates binary encoded actions which can be integrated with any Flash library.
  • The simple API is easy to use and integrate into applications.
  • Full syntax checking and accurate error reporting.
  • Support for preprocessor directives to allow conditional compilation.
  • Java 2 Standard Edition code easily integrates with web application servers.
  • Frameworks are available with Open Source licensing.

Licence: GPL