The JetChart Library is a Java chart and graph class library that encompasses a wide range of functionalities aimed at data visualization and analysis, in the form of different types of Java charts and graphs.

Several types of Java charts are supported, as line charts, bar charts, pie charts, scatter charts, financial charts, time series charts, etc.

Features like zoom, user interaction by means of clicking or dragging data points, tooltips, multiple scales, chart stacking, and others, are all available with just a few lines of code or configuration of parameters of chart applets.

JetChart is fully compatible with JDK 1.1.x and newer versions, and supports color translucency and antialiasing using a Java 2 adapter, so it is possible to develop Java charts with see-through series and non-jagged lines.

The Java chart library can be easily integrated into chart applications and applets, and also supports GIF, JPEG, PNG and SVG encoding of chart images from non-visible applications, like servlets running on headless environments where no display is available.

Licence: Proprietary