Java Search Engine is a server-side search engine program for web sites. Search engines provide to the site visitors easy and fast way to find what they want on your site. If you want to have search engine on your site - you can try Java Search Engine. It is easy, just follow instructions on this page.

Java Search Engine has common Java API interfaces such as JSP, servlets and EJB. Can save results as XML and transform them into HTML using XSLT stylesheets.

Java Search Engine is a complete solution, you don't have to to create crawler for it, you don't have to to install or integrate it with any database if you don't want, you don't have to use any other additional software (except JDK of course). This search engine is familiar to your visitors - it has the same query language and output interface as Google.


  • Full featured text search engine software for web sites
  • Supports any operating system, completely in Java
  • Includes web crawler
  • It is FREE
  • Complete solution, no additional software required
  • Available as WAR (Web ARchive), servlet, JSP for Tomcat, Resin or other JSP engine
  • Simple installation using web interface
  • Available as EJB (Enterprise JavaBean) on J2EE Application Server
  • HTML, PDF, MS Word and plain text indexing
  • Available as Java API library
  • Supports incremental update, "hot update" and "hot rescan" (without stopping search), delete pages
  • International encodings support, multiply encodings in one storage, automatic detection
  • Stopwords and word stemming (suffixes stripping) for every configured language
  • Using file system or database (JDBC) for index storage
  • Supports META tags (description and keywords), image ALT tags, BASIC Authentication and forms crawling
  • Can store several separated sites in one index, even multilingual
  • Can group pages and limit search results to some group
  • Customizable page rank with options to boost on word position, number of appearances or by URL
  • Google style output, quotations with highlighted words, or you can use META tags to customize description
  • Google query language, includes AND, OR, "-", phrase, substrings and all possible combinations
  • Can transform results directly into XML, or HTML using XSLT

Licence: Proprietary