The Spellex SDK for Java Technology is a software development tool from Spellex that developers can use to integrate a specialty spell checker into their current Java applications, applets, and servlets. Since the Spellex SDK for Java Technology is written entirely in Java, it is compatible with all platforms that support Java, such as UNIX, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. This software tool will enable developers to easily modify our interface or use our own examples to integrate our spelling engine with their application.

Best of all, the SDK comes with the industry standard Spellex lexicons which are used by more successful companies throughout the world than any other spell checker.

The software includes a class library compatible with JDK versions 1.x and 2, a 115,000 word American English dictionary, and a 120,000 word UK English dictionary. The Spellex SDK for Java Technology engine has the power to spell-check words, strings, and the content of AWT TextArea and JFC JtextArea components. The software allows the user access to the source code, for example AWT and JFC (Swing) dialogs, plus a working servlet is included. Applications can also use the SDK to check spelling and look up suggested replacements for misspelled words directly.

Licence: Proprietary