JustFormsPDF library is a Java class library for filling or editing interactive PDF forms on-the-fly. If you are looking for a print solution in your Java application then PDF is your ultimate choice and use of PDF forms makes application delivery simplest and rapid. JustFormsPDF library is designed keeping this specific need in mind and it is just right for your PDF printing solution.

JustFormsPDF requires no other packages to be installed and will run easily in any Java program including Servlets, JSPs or EJBs on systems running Java 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4. Features include:

  • Fill or edit interactive PDF Forms.
  • Completely written in Java.
  • Easy to use and integrate.
  • Output PDF can be streamed to a file or web browser.
  • Supports most of form elements including Text Fields, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons and Combo Boxes.
  • Customizable appearance of form fields (color, justification, font).
  • Distictive save-protected PDF feature.

URL: http://www.justformspdf.com/
Licence: Proprietary