JPedal is a 100% Java library designed to ease the integration of pdf files into any work flow. Concentrating on the easy display, manipulation and extraction of content, JPedal is an essential tool for pdf developers.

Features include:

  • PDF forms support - extract FDF form content.
  • PDF text extraction - raw, tables, form data, XML markup.
  • PDF image extraction - thumbnails, CMYK to RGB, clipped.
  • PDF viewer - customisable, zoom, rotate, navigate.
  • Font support - embedded, WYSIWYG, CID and more.
  • Mac support - tested on OS X Jaguar and above.
  • Code Examples - Fully documented example code.
  • Interactive search - text search a pdf.
  • Printing
  • Java - versions for JRE 1.3 and above

Licence: GPL