ElegantJ PDF library is a powerful Java class library that enables you to deliver dynamic and live business reports in printer friendly and professional looking PDF documents. ElegantJ PDF Library supports internationalization with multiple languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) as well as Bi-Directional (BiDi) fonts, like Arabic. Option to support encryption on your PDF document.

ElegantJ PDF library does a lot of work for a developer. Generates PDF document directly from any Java™ Component. Using PDF Table it generates table directly from data source. Use its methods to generate PDF from text as well as graphic objects. It gives facility of bookmarks and annotation to give a touch of class to your documentation. In nutshell, you provide raw data and formatting, ElegantJ PDF Library will generate PDF saving time and efforts.

Give your Java solution ability of web printing. Use in server-side technologies like servlet / JSP, J2EE or J2SE applications and applets, to generate dynamic PDF documents.

URL: http://www.elegantjpdf.com/
Licence: Proprietary