GAJIT is a mini-project the author undertook when he had a spare moment or two to port the C++ based genetic algorithm library GAGS to Java.

GAJIT (Genetic Algorithm Java Implementation Toolkit) is a rather contrived the author for a simple set of classes that he wrote to experiment with genetic algorithms.

The author became interested in genetic algorithms and wanted to experiment with them. He first downloaded J. J. Merelo's GAGS C++ classes, but had problems with the C++ compiler and environment on my PC and so decided to translate the classes into Java. They evolved a bit during the translation, partly because of the different nature of Java, partly because of the classes supplied by default with the JDK and partly to follow my own needs. The result is GAJIT. It is unlikely to be complete, correct or entirely suitable for your purpose, but I hope it provides you with a useful starting point that saves you the time I expended to write it. J. J. Merelo has kindly granted permission for these classes to be redistributed under the terms of the GNU public licenses.

Licence: GPL