JAGA is an extensible and pluggable API for implementing genetic algorithms (GA) and genetic programming (GP) applications in Java.

JAGA is a public effort to unite academics to develop a shared GA&GP API , which could provide a common basis for research and industrial implementations across various application areas.

  • JAGA is free & open source.
  • JAGA is a collaborative effort of evolutionary computation and software systems engineering research groups: its plug-in style architecture and well-planned design allows to create GA and GP applications quickly and easily.
  • JAGA contains a wide range of ready-to-use evolutionary algorithms, genetic operators and genotype representations.
  • JAGA has been and is being used for active academic research.
  • JAGA comes with tutorials and a step-by-step introduction on GA and GP in general and on how to implement then using JAGA in particular.
  • JAGA is new - although the current release is stable and provides a wire range of functions, JAGA is still in development.

URL: http://www.jaga.org/
Licence: GPL