In some situations, your web pages need to act like seasoned bureaucrats and refer you elsewhere. Fortunately, web browsers tend to have more patience than most people do. Normally, when a browser sends a request for a web page, it receives back an HTML file, image, or other content in response. Sometimes, however, it gets redirected to another page. Essentially, the server reports that it has no resource requested, but it could be got from another particular URL the browser needs to follow. The browser then loads this URL and displays its content-or perhaps it's redirected to yet another URL.

In the sample below to perform redirections we use the <c:redirect>:

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>

  <c:when test="${param.action == 'buy'}">
////////////// send the user to the buy.jsp page :
    <c:redirect url="buy.jsp"/>
  <c:when test="${param.action == 'sell'}">
////////////// send the user to the sell.jsp page :
    <c:redirect url="sell.jsp"/>