This tip shows the use of <jsp:useBean>. This JSP page extracts a property of a JavaBean class and show it to the browser. Here CurrentTimeBean is a JavaBean class which stores the time. It has getter and setter methods of hours and minutes. <jsp:useBean> tag in the JSP file call these getter methods using tag <jsp:getProperty>.

<jsp:useBean id = "time" class= "CurrentTimeBean"/>
it is now<jsp:getProperty name = "time" property = "minutes"/>
minutes past the hour. <jsp:getProperty name = "hour" property = "hour"/>

import java.util.Date;
public class CurrentTimeBean {

  public int hours;
  public int minutes;

  public CurrentTimeBean(){
    Date now = new Date();
    this.hours = now.getHours();
    this.minutes= now.getMinutes();
  public int getHours() {
    return hours;
  public void setHours(int hours) {
    this.hours = hours;
  public int getMinutes() {
    return minutes;
  public void setMinutes(int minutes) {
    this.minutes = minutes;