There are lots of ways to use jargon to define snipsnap.

  • Wiki (Collaborative Website) where readers are also the editors of the website.
  • Weblog where a person can keep a journal of things they find interesting.
  • Content Management System where users focus on creating content and the software manages all the formatting and linking.
  • Dynamic Content because pages are rendered from the content and templates. This separation of formatting and content allows users to completely redesign a website's without changing any of the information on it.
  • Knowledgebase where the ease of connecting and organizing information allows for people to look up information quickly.
  • Standards Compliant meaning that snipsnap can plug in to other web software. Relying on standards helps to future-proof your information. You won't be stuck with a proprietary format.
  • Cross-Platform because it is written in Java that can be used on a variety of host computers.
  • Open Source has GPL license so you can fix bugs or change how it works. GPL also means that you don't have to worry about the software being abandoned. You could always make changes yourself.
  • User Friendly easier to install than other software that serves a similar purpose.

Licence: GPL