Photo Album Studio is an easy to use tool with graphical user interface (GUI) to organize, manage, view and distribute your digital pictures.

Standard Features/Functionalities/Operations (available in all licenses):

  • Add, remove albums (only limited by machine resources)
  • Add, edit album titles (upto 50 characters)
  • Move/resequence albums within catalog (drag & drop)
  • Expand/collapse albums
  • Add, remove pictures (upto 200 per album but since there is no limit of albums per catalog there can be unlimited pictures per catalog)
  • Add, edit picture captions (upto 250 characters)
  • Move/resequence/copy pictures (drag & drop)
  • Change picture
  • Picture preview
  • Shortcut menus for album and picture operations (right click menu)
  • New/save/open projects
  • Recent projects pick list
  • Browser selection list
  • Remove album confirmation
  • Remove picture confirmation
  • Change Folder Wizard (to fix the inaccessible or non-existing folder names from the catalog pictures)

Licence: Proprietary