Jive Forums is a powerful, open architecture application for creating and managing online communities. Users can share answers, ideas and insights, and escalate complex issues to the appropriate expert.

Key Business Points

  • Lowers burden on call centers through peer-to-peer support.
  • Reuses knowledge from archived discussions.
  • Provides a complete, closed loop support process when integrated with Jive Software's Support Suite.
  • Escalates unresolved issues to experts.
  • Captures product insights and feedback from customers.

Key Technical Points

  • A 100% J2EE application for easy maintenance, widespread compatibility and solid performance.
  • Allows multiple servers to be clustered for fault tolerance and scalability.
  • Uses "skin" technology for a customizable look and feel.
  • Integrates easily with external user and authentication systems.

URL: http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/forums/
Licence: Proprietary