kissme is Java Virtual Machine (JVM) freely available under the GPL.

It is currently still under development but can run many console java applications. The Kissme JVM has the following properties:

  • It runs on UNIX, particularly GNU/Linux.
  • It is written in C (although the JIT is being written in Java)
  • It uses native (Operating System) threads, as opposed to user or 'green' threads.
  • It uses a conservative Mark and Sweep garbage collector. (Hopefully this will change in the future.)
  • It interprets java bytecodes. (A JIT compiler that compiles bytecode to native i386 code is under development, though this project has been inactive for some time.)
  • It supports an extension to the JVM that implements orthogonal persistence. This is a mechanism in which the JVM transparently migrates Java data structures between memory and a persistent store.
  • It uses the GNU Classpath runtime libraries. Classpath is a clean-room, open source reimplementation of the standard Java runtime libraries.



Licence: GPL