okChat is a real-time chat program written completely in Java. Ready to add the interactivity of chat to your website? Want to boost your website traffic? - Test okChat for free!


  • Get full control over your own chat network.
  • okChat server works on WinNT, Win95/98, UNIX (Sun Solaris, Linux...) and many other platforms!
  • Our technical staff will offer free e-mail based technical support to help you install the chat server.
  • Easy installation, setup, and administration.
  • Available on Linux, Win95/98/NT/2000, Solaris and any other server type with Java support.
  • Highly optimized to support hundreds to thousands of simultaneous users on a single server.
  • Extremely CPU friendly as opposed to other PERL, CGI, ASP, Database-based chat servers.
  • Actual real-time chat server. No refreshing pages.
  • Multiple accounts (each with own login) - only with our registration module (PHP & MySQL), or with yours.
  • Multiple banners (any size)
  • Programmed in 100% pure Java



URL: http://www.okchat.com/
Licence: Proprietary