Powerful and flexible chat solution

SPiN Chat System adds powerful chat capability to your web site. It´s fast. It´s reliable. And it can be extensively customized to suit your individual needs.

Able to meet your future needs

Designed to support hundreds of simultaneous chatters. Flexible, easy, and cheap upgrading. Powerful chat server API enables you to develop your own add-ons.

Free support

SPiN offers free-of-charge consulting and support before and after purchase.

For all kinds of web-based chats

Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide use our chat software for their community sites, for chats with celebrities, intranet meetings, etc.

Easy to install, maintain, and use

Can be installed on nearly every web server and used with any common web browser (completely in Java). No dedicated server machine necessary, no downloads by chatters required.

Implementation & custom-made solutions

Upon request, we can do all the implementation and configuration work for you as well as custom-made solutions.



URL: http://chat.spin.de/en/
Licence: Proprietary