Snowbound Software’s FlexSnap: Applet for the Java Platform is a truly flexible imaging applet that enables users to view, manipulate, convert and annotate single or multi-page documents and images from within a standard Web browser.

FlexSnap: Applet operates seamlessly on any Java platform and can easily interface with various server applications. Requiring no installation it downloads quickly and can operate as either a floating applet window with a drop down menu or a fixed applet embedded within an HTML page.

Backed by our reliable support program, FlexSnap: Applet:

  • Supports over 40 document and image formats— Automatically detects and reads formats including TIFF, JPEG, PDF, Group 3 and 4, ABIC, and MO:DCA
  • Provides international language support for menus and dialog boxes —The viewer can be localized for several languages including Spanish, French, German, and others upon request
  • User Interface can be easily configured — With minimal engineering effort (simple HTML parameters) the UI can be configured to:
    • Enable or disable any icon, menu item, or access to client system
    • Control the ability to create, view or edit annotations
    • Customize file selection methods
  • Certified applet — Special optional security features permit local files to be viewed by the applet and printed on your local printer.
  • Delivers exceptional performance on the Java platform

Licence: Proprietary