JUDE is a UML modeling tool which supports the following basic UML 1.4 diagrams:

  • Class (Object/Package/Robustness)
  • UseCase
  • Sequence
  • Collaboration
  • Statechart
  • Activity
  • Component
  • Deployment
  • Template Generation of Java Source Files
  • Import of Java Source Files
  • Automatic Generation of Class Diagrams with Model Information

JUDE supports the following features:

  • Change view freely using "Map View"
  • Drag scrolling
  • Zoom dragging
  • Auto-Generation of class diagrams
  • Editing model information directly, without opening a dialog box
  • Unlimited UNDO/REDO feature
  • Various layout adjustment features (position/space/size selection options)

URL: http://www.esm.jp/jude-web/index.html
Licence: Proprietary