Some time ago I was searching the net for a installer for my one of my (non commercial) projects. There are some around but either they are proprietary products, have some nasty things in their license or need Swing - something I can not expect to be present on the target system. So I created my own installer - here it is.


  • Only Java 1.1 & AWT are required on the target platform.
  • Swing application for creating distributions.
  • Runs with Linux and Solaris, Windows support will be added soon. Support for other platforms may be available in the future (Contributors?)
  • You can place your Software inside a self extracting Java class that can be extracted on any platform that can run Java applications, no system specific binaries anymore!
  • The Software is open source (GPL), you can modify it fit your needs.
  • Localization support (only German and English yet)-
  • The installer can fill out template files with system dependend values.

Licence: GPL