PointBase Embedded is a full-featured and zero administration Java relational database that enables software vendors to accelerate development cycles and reduce time to market. Delivering cross-platform portability, a small footprint and comprehensive security, PointBase Embedded offers a low-cost, high results solution to effective storage of metadata, application-specific data or out-of-box tutorials and demonstration materials. This powerful product can be integrated directly within your application making it completely transparent to the end-user. Relying on the capabilities of Java, you gain a powerful, flexible database that can be installed and operated with any application, on any platform.

Key Features:

  • Platform-independent, full-featured database written entirely in Java
  • Small footprint
  • Storage for several terabytes of data
  • Zero administration
  • Single JAR file for database and application installation
  • Integration with all standard Java IDEs
  • Functions as a resource manager for distributed XA transactions
  • Complete encryption at the database and network level
  • Easy-to-use data access tools
  • Support for mobile platforms
  • Multi-client server option

Key Benefits:

  • Transparent database embedded within your application
  • Shortens development cycles and speeds time to market
  • Complete portability across all platforms
  • Low or no impact on application and system performance
  • One-step installation and deployment
  • Transactional integrity and security
  • Elimination of complex database licensing fees
  • Fast Web downloads for application testing, evaluation and deployment
  • Easier application migrations and upgrades

URL: http://www.pointbase.com/products/embedded.aspx
Licence: Proprietary