The Derby project develops open source database technology that is:

  • Pure Java

    Derby technology is written in Java to take advantage of Java’s write once, run anywhere promise. Java platforms such as OSGi, J2ME, J2SE and J2EE are supported as appropriate.

  • Easy to use

    Derby technology aims to be easy to use for software developers and zero administration for end users.

  • Small footprint

    Derby technologies are designed to provide significant useful functionality in a small code size footprint with efficient runtime resource usage.

  • Standards based

    Derby technology adheres to database standards such as JDBC and ANSI SQL standards. This means Derby provides the functionality expected of a modern relational database, including SQL syntax, transaction management, concurrency, triggers, and online backups. And it also means developers can later migrate to other databases if they so choose.

  • Secure

    Derby technology provides secure data management appropriate to environment the engine is executing in. Traditional enterprise database systems rely on the machine being physically protected (locked machine room) for security, Derby databases are often in unprotected environments, such as laptops and unattended hardware.

Licence: Apache License