QED is a pure Java database that features:

  • Pure Java: a high performance, small footprint, zero-administration database, perfect for embedding with your application.
  • A full set of RDBMS features: transactions, data integrity, failure recovery, comprehensive SQL 92 conformance plus many SQL3 features.
  • Support for JDBC 2.0
  • Open source, free software, with a single-price UNLIMITED seats commercial redistribution license available.

QED's pure Java engine provides very high performance, since database accesses can be performed locally, without the necessity of a network round trip for every operation. Conventional JDBC drivers, no matter how fast the back-end database, incur network overhead -- frequently the bottleneck in a database application. A configurable in-memory cache also helps boost performance by reducing disk operations.

QED is designed for applications which need full database functionality without administrative overhead of a typical database. Because of its small memory/disk footprint, QED can be embedded in end-user applications for which a database would otherwise not be practical.

Finally, for developers who want to embed QED in their Java applications, QED is available with an affordable single-price license. No more "counting seats" for run-time licenses. You can deploy unlimited copies of your application with a single QED license!

URL: http://www.quadcap.com/home.html
Licence: Proprietary