A cross-platform powerful and easy to use XML IDE.

Some Features :

  • XSLT Editor and Debugger (1.0 and 2.0)
  • XML Differencing
  • XQuery
  • Schema Generator (DTD, W3C XML Schema, XML Relax NG) from XML documents
  • Syntax error and document xpath location on-the-fly
  • FTP, WebDAV, ZIP, JAR support
  • Validation of XML documents against DTD/XML Schema/RelaxNG
  • Unicode
  • Context sensitive content assistant based on XML Schema, DTD, XML
  • RelaxNG
  • Pretty formatting
  • XSLT / XSL-FO / DocBook transformation
  • Convert DTD,XML Schema,XML RelaxNG
  • Powerful XPath builder/research DTD
  • Caching for offline usage
  • Multiple criterias research (attribute,element,namespace...)
  • XInclude
  • Project management
  • Pretty print
  • Template support
  • Drag'n drop for copying / moving nodes
  • Fully customizable (user preference, application descriptor)
  • Default templates for XML, DTD, XSLT, DocBook, XHTML, XML RelaxNG, MathML, SVG, XSL-FO, ANT
  • OASIS XML Catalog
  • JAXP support for plugging a new parser or a new transformer

URL: http://www.editix.com/
Licence: Proprietary